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The mission of CPG Consulting is to offer innovative and  business integrated services which augment the competitive advantage of its clients in the geographical region of South Eastern Europe.


CPG Consulting is a well established international corporation with a successful business track record on cross-border endeavours. CPG Consulting provides professional services to private firms. It delivers the following value added services:

  • Effective entrepreneurial approach to complex business, legal, technical and financial issues.
  • Design and consultation in implementation of strategic and action plans.
  • In-depth marketing research of local markets and customs.


In order to provide the whole range of its services in a way that they will add value to the client's chain of activies CPG Consulting assists in business organisation and administration in full cooperation with its clients. Thus, it  reaches a common understanding in delivering the specified value added goals to the company’s clients. CPG Consulting constantly enhances its services through:

  • Constant global research and communication through its dynamic network of experienced business professionals
  • High quality level strategic cooperation with qualified partners
  • Adoption of the local market trends